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Beepxtra - The community based loyalty card


Beepxtra offers world class loyalty software to all types of sports clubs for a one time payment $275 inc cards & support. As fans spend with Beep businesses using their cards they are helping support their club! A fantastic simple way to create revenue for any club. *Logo printing on Beepcards also available.


Any business with internet access can integrate the Beepxtra loyalty system and this can be set up within 24/48 hours. This includes all advertising on Beepstores, promotions by Beepxtra, software, unlimited cards and support for a one off payment of just $275! No subscriptions, fee's or further costs either!


Any charity can create a long term residual income by simply integrating with Beepxtra for a one time payment of $275, registering their own customers using the Beepxtra software and handing out cards. As their customers spend they are supporting the charity! Fast set up, zero risk, maximum reward and a great new revenue stream for the charity.